Using the Search Boxes Effectively 

As anyone researching family history knows, maximizing your results with any search tool takes some practice! We have added some examples here that we hope will help you refine your search.

Example 1. Family History Research: I need to find a genealogist to help me create my family tree. My ancestors were Jewish and I think they came from Poland.

First, choose Family History Research from box #1. In box #2, add your keyword: Jewish. In box #3, select the country where the research expertise is needed: Poland.

This search method will work for all types of religions and ethnic backgrounds.

Example 2. Speaker/Presenter: I need to find a speaker on DNA research for my genealogical society or library.

First, choose Speaking/Presenting from box #1. Then select DNA from the optional criteria in box #2. If you would like someone to present in person at your location, choose the "based in" box labeled #3.   

If you are willing to pay travel costs for your speaker, then you may want to leave the "based in" box blank. Remember, many speakers are available virtually as well.

If you need a virtual speaker, you may also consider using the keyword box for a particular topic, such as Military or Immigration. Another option would be to choose Speaking/Presenting from box #1, and choose "researches In" to find a speaker who specializes in Russia, as one example.

Example 3. DNA: I need help understanding my DNA results OR I am looking for an unknown parent/grandparent. My family came from New Zealand, possibly Auckland.

First, choose DNA in box #1. Box #2 is optional and you may leave it blank. If you are looking for an unknown parent/grandparent, then select Adoption/Unknown Parentage from the optional criteria in box #2.

Next, if you would like someone who has expertise in a certain location, choose the "researches in" label in box #3.  

Example 4. Heir and Probate Search: I need help locating heirs in a probate, estate, or property matter. Some of the heirs lived in Texas, but they may have moved to another state.

First, choose Other Speciality in box #1. Then select Heir & Probate Search from the optional criteria in box #2. You may want to choose a genealogist based in a certain location, or someone who specializes in researching an area. In this example, we have chosen to look for a genealogist based in Texas, and then added Louisiana to the keyword. Another option would be to choose a genealogist who researches in those areas.