5 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional Genealogist

With more than 2,000 members in forty countries, APG can help you find the right person to help you accomplish your family history goals. Below are five great reasons to hire a professional genealogist. Click here for a PDF version. 

1. A Professional Genealogist Saves Time and Money

Research, writing, properly documenting your sources, subscribing to various paid websites — all of these things take time and money. Your time is valuable! A professional genealogist has these skills and resources, and will work with you to set a timeline, a budget, and clarify your goals, leaving you with the end results!

2. A Professional Genealogist Has Experience and Expertise

Our professionals have lifetimes of experience and expertise to guide you on which resources to use, effective ways to build a research plan, how to set reasonable expectations for your research, and more. Professional genealogists have specialties in many areas, including geographic locations, time periods, topics, land records, languages, and much more.

3. A Professional Genealogist Has Exceptional Research Skills

Many professional genealogists have advanced training, education, certification, and accreditation that enable them to go deeper into your research. Our professionals specialize in breaking down brick walls, reading that indecipherable handwriting, suggesting workarounds to lost records, providing next-level DNA analysis, and working with specialty archives and collections.

4. A Professional Genealogist’s Skills Go Beyond Traditional Research

Are you looking for someone to speak to your local society? Create a family history narrative or book? Apply to a lineage society? Date photographs? Investigate dual citizenship in the home of your ancestor? Our membership directory can connect you with the right genealogist for your needs.

5. A Professional Genealogist Has High Professional and Ethical Standards

APG requires our members to adhere to ethical standards and annual continuing education requirements